Story of Marina Square

The contemporary urban lifestyle requires affordability, convenience and ease of mind. Marina Square, in design and function has been carefully developed to ensure residents a fulfilling environment in a vibrant setting.Views to the harbour, sea and city will be a constant reminder of the dynamic land and cityscapes Colombo has to offer.

One of the largest condominium complexes in Colombo, at present, Marina Square aims to continue to foster a communal setting by providing a range of common amenities and facilities within the complex. Five acres of prime real estate has been secured for the development of the five towers; spanning 36 floors each, with 1068 apartments within them. Colombo’s rapidly changing skyline will be soon adorned with this new addition.


Investing in Colombo

An investment opportunity with high potential for future returns – Marina Square, aims to contribute to the growth and development of Colombo North.

Located in close proximity to the Central Business District, an increased interest in a range of development activities in and around the area has resulted in an escalating growth of the area. In addition, the provision of commercial and retail facilities within the scheme will provide a number of business opportunities especially for people from around the immediate vicinity.


A significant number of large scale infrastructural and development projects are currently being undertaken in Sri Lanka, most of it concentrated in Colombo. Proposals for the development of transportation networks in particular are also gaining traction as numerous plans have been enacted in this regard. The development of Port City is also a prominent addition to the country through both the landscape as well as economy.


Access Engineering PLC is one of the premier civil engineering firms in Sri Lanka, listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange with a turnover of Rs.14.7 Billion in 2017. Access Engineering is a trusted Sri Lankan brand, well known for the use of innovative engineering solutions in the construction industry with an impeccable track record.


The developer of the Colombo International Financial City (Port City) with an investment of USD 1.4 billion, CHEC has been developing and operating the overseas business on behalf of its holding company China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), which is a Global Fortune 500 listed company. Today, CHEC boasts over 10,000 employees and a global portfolio of on-going projects worth USD 10 Billion


Singaporean retail giant Mustafa Singapore (Private) Limited is the sole proprietor of Singapore’s Mustafa Shopping Centre; a world-renowned shopping arcade which attracts thousands of shoppers annually.

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